ER3 – Old Age Ears Female

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Single use silicone prosthetic appliance.

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2 x Female Old Age Ears



Please see ‘Suitable Uses’ for more information on this product.

Single use – If great care is taken when removing the prosthetics, these appliances may be gently cleaned and used more than once.



RS T-20 A+B with added red flocking.



Pale Flesh/Medium Flesh/Warm Flesh/Dark Flesh

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 40 × 68 mm

Dark Flesh, Medium Flesh, Pale Flesh, Warm Flesh

Single use: designed for screen or theatrical use; these appliances come in the colour of your choice as a base colour only, for further colouring by you after application.

Even though these appliances are listed as single use, they are made from a tougher silicone than our standard silicone gel appliances and could be used more than once. They have a fine edge but are not encapsulated in bald cap plastic so the edges can not be dissolved for blending. While these silicone appliances can be reused, they will suffer wear and tear with each re application, especially to the blending edges. Care and attention needs to be taken when removing and cleaning the pieces before re application. While silicone edges can be thin they will never achieve a perfect blend so it is best to either overlap them with another appliance or disguise the place where they blend in some way. A reasonable blend can be achieved using thickened pros aide and Bondo type products, but allow for a little extra application time to achieve good results.

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